This will make you want to get up a LIVE (and travel).


Super cute running commercial by Nike!

And the pink shoes! Love.

On Saturday April 7th I ran the ACT! for military families 5K/10K to benefit families with children with autism.  The race was held around Fiesta Island in Mission Bay.

I am calling this is the 10K that wasn’t because the distance my garmin recorded was only 5.84 miles…… Yeah. Not cool.

I stayed home sick from work the day before with a nasty head cold.  I debated staying home to rest instead of running this event, but it was a gorgeous Saturday morning and I figured the sunshine would cure me.

The race began at 7:30AM and packet pickup was held before hand.  There was plenty of parking at the event, it just involved running a mile to get to the start line.  Easy way to warm up, right?  I was able to get my race number and timing chip easily and waited around for about 10 minutes before all the 10K runners were called to the starting line at about 7:20.  A race that tries to start on time – I was already liking this.

There were probably about 200 or so 10K runners.  We all gathered at the start line, and then some weird warm up happened.  There were also a couple speakers thanking everyone for coming out to support the cause.  All the runners finally took off about 7:40.

I was still coming off my PR high from last week and was excited to see what this race would bring.  However, since I was also under the weather, I was not expecting anything earth shattering.

Mile One  8:23 pace

I felt great at the start of the race.  I think I felt myself going out too fast ( I was running under 8:00) so I tried to slow it down.  I had to keep reminding myself this was a 10K, not a 5K, and needed to pace myself.  The first mile marker matched my Garmin and I finished right around 8:20, and I was happy with that.  I felt good but not like I pushed it too much.

Mile Two 8:42 pace

I was still feeling good, but was very confused when we passed mile marker number 2 and my Garmin said we were only at 1.66 miles.  That’s more than a little bit off. I hoped it was just a one time mistake.  Half way through mile 2 my body reminded me that I was still sick.  My lungs were getting tight and my nose would not stop running.  I knew I had to slow it down so I could actually finish the race.

Mile Three 9:28 pace

Yes, I slowed it down a bunch.  I figured I could give myself a break and pick it up for the last half of the race.  It was frustrating seeing runners that I was way ahead begin to pass me, but I had to keep reminding myself that my body was not at 100% .  Alot of this race was a mental mind game for me.

Mile Four 8:58 pace 

I was able to pick it up a little bit for this mile. I really was trying to focus on my breathing like this girl and this girl taught me to do last week, but when you can’t breath in and out of your nose, its a little bit hard.  And since I was mainly mouth breathing for about an hour my lips and mouth were sooo dry, it was gross.  There was a water station halfway through the course but it did little to help me.

Mile Five 10:02 pace

And this is the point where I almost died.  Not only could I not breathe correctly, I was having awful pain in my right inside ankle and through my right side body.  I usually am able to get rid of side pains when I run through deep breathing, but as you know, I could not breath period because of my cold.  I am blaming the ankle pain on needing new sneakers about three races ago.  It’s now on the top of my to do list.  During this mile I was yelling at myself for getting out of bed, thinking rest would have been a better option.  I couldn’t tell if I was more upset because my whole body hurt or because my pace royally sucked.

Mile “6” 9:22 pace 

I tried to power through at the end, and I at least kept it under a 10:00 mile pace.  I was annoyed when I crossed the finished line at the distance really was only 5.8 miles.  The mile markers were off the whole time.  My Garmin time for those 5.8 miles was 53:26.  My PR for the 10K had been around 57:00, so I like to think that I still would have PR’ed if the race distance was correct.  I finished annoyed and feeling like crap in general, so I really didn’t care at that point.

There were a decent amount of vendors set up for the after race portion.  We got bottles of gatorade, cliff bars, oranges, bananas, muffins, and bread.  Not too shabby for a smaller type of event.

Even though my race time was less than spectacular, I decided to look on the event website to see how I placed.  I got really confused because apparantly there was a 10K race, and then a modified 10K race. What the heck is a modified 10K?  Wasn’t running only 5.8 miles a modified 10k?  I don’t know.  I guess I ran the actual 10K race because my results were listed underneath there.  According to Gemini timing, my official time was 52:51.  I came in 2nd in my age group, 14th overall and 8th female.  Um, what?  I guess the hundreds of people who passed me were only doing the modified 10K.  I’m so confused.

The rest of the day after the race was over was great – I spent the rest of the morning paddle boarding and doing outside yoga in the sunshine. My cold got worst, but with the warm sunshine, it didn’t matter.

Looking forward to another 5K this weekend!  Let’s hope my body cooperates.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 60 Minute’s Beginners’ Yoga

Sunday: 5K Run/75 Minutes Anusara Yoga

Monday: Rest:

Tuesday: Crossfit

20 Minutes AMRAP:

700 M Run

15 Ring Dip Pushups (modified on knees)

25 ab-mat sit ups

35 Double Unders

Total Rounds: 2+15 pushups+ 25 situps+2 double unders

60 Minute’s Surfer’s Flow Yoga

Wednesday: 60 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

Thursday: 60 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

Friday: Rest

March in Photos


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[Kona at 4 months ]

So you should really just read this pretty lady’s blog post because not only is it the sweetest thing ever written, it sums up pretty much everything I felt after I finished!

The Carlsbad 5000 is a huge 5K race event that is held the first weekend in April each year.  The race is divided into five divisions starting at 7AM and finishing at 1130 AM.  There is also the option for runners to participate in the All Day 25K, running all five races for a total of 15 miles and some change.  The course takes place in downtown Carlsbad, loops around the ocean, and back into downtown.

It is advertised as the “World’s Fastest 5K,” as a lot of records are broken on this course.  There is a men and women’s elite race held at the very end which is incredible to watch! (And takes all of about 15 minutes.  These athlete’s were incredible)

I ran this 5K last year in about 29:00 minutes.  I remember finishing the first mile in 9:06 last year and being elated because that was the fastest split I had done in a long time.  I was definitely looking forward to doing this event again this year because 1.) I knew it was a fast and relatively flat course 2.) I could sleep in somewhat (after a long week at work this was a huge plus this year!)

The race had an expo held all day Saturday through all the races Sunday.  I opted to pick up by bib, tee shirt, and bag the morning of the race since I was not racing until 1130.  The only thing with these late start races is figuring out what to eat beforehand so I don’t pass out from starvation or puke from eating too much.  I decided on a bowl of oatmeal and my tummy was very happy with that (thank goodness, because I never know).

I knew that this girl would be running the All Day 25K and we made plans earlier in the week to meet up for the 1130 race since we had missed each other the week before.  She had asked me if a) wanted to try to get a top 250 finisher’s medal and b) if I wanted to run with her.  I literally thought she had tweeted this to the wrong person! First of all, I had no idea that they even had medals because I did not get one last year (obviously), and the idea of running with a super speed-star like her seemed impossible to me!

I met up with Nicole and Chacha about 4 minutes before the 1130 wave started.  How Nicole was standing (let alone running) in her 5th race of the morning after absolutely killing it in the first four was beyond me!  But her energy was awesome and both girls were so excited to run with me that it was great.  Chacha asked me what my goal pace was for this 5K.  I blurted out somewhere between 8 and 9 minute miles because that is what I had been averaging the last two races, but in all honesty, that was the first time I even thought about it.  Much of my exercise lately has been yoga and crossfit, with just running in races on the weekend.  I do enjoy going into a race with no expectations though, since I usually end up surprising myself in the end!

Running Love at First Sight

I told my running buddies that they didn’t have to stay with me and they could take off whenever they wanted too.  But being their awesome selves, they paced with me (or more like paced me) the whole time.  It was like I magically gained two amazing running coaches after 5 mintues of meeting each other.  They were determined to help me beat my time from last year.  And by beat I mean completely stomp on it.

This was the first time in about 5 months that I had run a 5K so I was not completely sure how I would pace myself.  I started off a little conservatively pacing around a 9:30 mile, but at the end of mile 1 I looked at my Garmin and saw we were running around a 7:54 pace.  Um, what? Hold the phone.  The last time I saw those numbers on my garmin was in my dreams.  Seriously.  And the craziest part was I was feeling really good too.  (Well for the first 1.5 miles or so).  Nicole and Chacha were in full on coach mode especially after we reached the half way point and they could by my breathing that I was about to die.  They told me how I should slow my breathing down by breathing in through my nose, out through my mouth, and breathing through the belly (much like I am learning to teach in yoga so I could totally relate!)  I remember last year hitting the wall just after Mile 2, and sure enough same thing happened this year.  I think at one point I actually said “Okay I think I am going to die now.” The response I got was “If you are going to die, you might as well run faster.” Truth.


I hit mile 2 at about 16 and a half minutes. I knew even if I slowed it down to a 9-10 min mile pace I would PR.  But my running coaches weren’t about to settle for that.  They were great at keeping things in perspective – reminding me that I was almost done and counting down landmarks for me.  I usually don’t run with music on these short races, but cranking up some power songs at the end is what got me through.  I looked at my Garmin at the 2.75 mark and saw it was just after 24:00 minutes.  My goal at that point was to make it in the 26:00 minute range, but I somehow got an extra burst of craziness right at the end and came in at 25:40 .. HOLLA!!! Four minute PR with a pace of 6:57 at the end.  Surreal much?  Yes, I think so.  And getting a top 250 finisher’s medal was just icing on the cake.

My pride and joy!

Medals are my new favorite.

None of this would have been possible without Nicole and Chacha.  Seriously! It is amazing when you have other’s believe in you what you can do.  It just empowers you and makes you not want to give up and keep pushing.  And did I mention we had only known each other for a grand total of oh about 26 minutes?  That’s true run love right there. Major xoxo’s!!

All smile at the end!

With my favorite cheerleader!

Here were my final splits:

Mile 1: 8:13

Mile 2: 8:05

Mile 3: 8:26

Total Time: 25:40, average pace 8:12.

I’m pretty sure this is one race I won’t ever forget!

So this week started my yoga teacher training (more on that later), but it basically means I will be doing lots and lots of yoga in the next months.  I also have lots and lots of races and I want to do lots and lots of Crossfit.  But today my muscles are killing me and I know I need to slow down before I burn my body out in a week, or seriously injure myself.  My plan is  going to be cut back on my Crossfit to once a week during TT.  I have been trying to go 2-3 times a week, but I figure with adding more  yoga in my routine I will still be getting the strength training I need.  I have been incorporating more restorative yoga into my routine, and I am finding these classes are more or less becoming my rest days while still giving my muscles a little extra TLC.

Wednesday: 75 Surfer’s Flow Yoga

Thursday: 60 Minutes Restorative Yoga

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 2 hours Yoga

Sunday: 9.3 Mile Run/75 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

Monday: 75 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday: Crossfit/60 Minutes Anusara Yoga

Partner WOD:

5 Rounds:

200 Meter Sprint

12 Burpees

12 Squats

Total Time: 16:16

Wednesday: 75 Minutes Restorative Yoga