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Obviously there has not been a lot of posting going on here lately.

Mainly because there has not been any running going on here lately either.

Two days after the City of Encinitas 5K in May, I got really bad tendinitis in my right Achilles.  It hurt each time I took a step, let alone running.

I was mad, frustrated, and angry. It was all my fault.  I tried to switch out of my supported/orthotic running shoes into my minimalist shoes way too quickly.  I was not smart about it.

By the middle of June I was able to run 5 minutes without any pain.  Last week I was able to go to my running form class, and ran 1 mile pain free.  This week the same area is starting to get tender again, so I am trying really really hard just to be smart about it.  It is hard and I want to run, but I hate being injured.  The lacrosse ball, running stick, ice, my crossfit massage therapist, and calf raises have been my best friend.

I nixed all my races for the summer. I am crossing my fingers I can run a 5K at the end of July, and then planning on the Santa Barbara race to be my comeback and PR Race.

I am back in my old supported shoes, but I am out of my orthotics.  I consider that to be a small victory. 

There are many others out there who have battled with injuries far worst than mine.  I just keep telling myself that my body does want to heal itself, it just needs time and for me to listen to it. One day at at time.

In the meantime, I am up and running with my yoga teacher training! I am loving it.  Email me if you would like more information!


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February in Photos

I feel like February is the nubbin month of the year – short, sweet, and quick.  It’s here and before you know it, it’s gone.   We have had some amazing summer like days this month, and some awful wintery days as well.  And by wintery I mean rainy and 60 degrees.   I don’t enjoy it any more now than I did back on the East Coast.  Here’s a recap in pictures of how my February went!

[ February 1st:  Early Morning Run on the Beach]


[ February 12th: Coronado Valentine’s Day 10k]

 [ February 14th: Valentine’s Day Love from Friends]

[February 17th: A Belated Valentine’s Day with Hubby]

[February 24th: Book of the Month]

[February 23rd:  Finishing the Last of our Wedding Wine]

[February 25th: Kona of San Diego]

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I was supposed to be doing this …

(click for source)

but instead was doing this …

(click for source)

I swear, worst luck ever right?  Especially this was supposed to be my make up race for not running this one.  I was feeling slightly better yesterday, but I knew if I pushed it and tried to run I would probably end up more sick in the long run (no pun intended).  Obviously my body needed some rest and recovery time, so I reluctantly listened to it.  I do have a 10K this Sunday that hopefully I will be able to do, and am in the process of finding some more spring races to do.  One of these days I will have a race recap to post!  Until then, time for some more Dayquil …

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Life Happens

My final week of training for the Arizona Rock n Roll Half Marathon came to a screeching halt yesterday.  Life happens sometimes and due to some family circumstances I can no longer make it to Arizona to run the half marathon.   As most runners would be, I initially was very upset and frustrated especially as I was entering my 8th week of training and my taper week.  Then I realized I needed to stop acting like a five year old and accept that life happens and that there will always be more races.

I optimistically hoped the Carlsbad wouldn’t be sold out since I had the following weekend off, but of course that race sold out in like 2010.

LUCKILY Surf City still had some spots open so I quickly snatched one of those up and will now be racing the first weekend in February in Huntingdon Beach!  I’ve read zero race reviews of this race but it seems to be by the water which is always a plus and hopefully it has some other good selling points!  This means I have to add about another 3 weeks of training in here but hopefully in the end it won’t be that big of a deal.

Anyone else running Surf City?

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Thank You to Our Troops

Christmas is TWO days away!!  Most people I am sure are getting on planes and traveling to be with family and loved ones.  It is so important right now to remember all of those who are giving up this luxury so that you and I can enjoy it.  Thank you to all my friends both past, present, and future who are deployed for us.  I love you all!

Military Christmas Poem
(by Lance Corporal James M. Schmidt)

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas,
He Lived All Alone,
In A One Bedroom House
Made Of Plaster And Stone.

I Had Come Down The Chimney
With Presents To Give,
And To See Just Who
In This Home Did Live.

I Looked All About,
A Strange Sight I Did See,
No Tinsel, No Presents,
Not Even A Tree.

No Stocking By Mantle,
Just Boots Filled With Sand,
On The Wall Hung Pictures
Of Far Distant Lands.

With Medals And Badges,
Awards Of All Kinds,
A Sober Thought
Came Through My Mind.

For This House Was Different,
It Was Dark And Dreary,
I Found The Home Of A Soldier,
Once I Could See Clearly.

The Soldier Lay Sleeping,
Silent, Alone,
Curled Up On The Floor
In This One Bedroom Home.

The Face Was So Gentle,
The Room In Such Disorder,
Not How I Pictured
A United States Soldier.

Was This The Hero
Of Whom I’d Just Read?
Curled Up On A Poncho,
The Floor For A Bed?

I Realized The Families
That I Saw This Night,
Owed Their Lives To These Soldiers
Who Were Willing To Fight.

Soon Round The World,
The Children Would Play,
And Grownups Would Celebrate
A Bright Christmas Day.

They All Enjoyed Freedom
Each Month Of The Year,
Because Of The Soldiers,
Like The One Lying Here.

I Couldn’t Help Wonder
How Many Lay Alone,
On A Cold Christmas Eve
In A Land Far From Home.

The Very Thought
Brought A Tear To My Eye,
I Dropped To My Knees
And Started To Cry.

The Soldier Awakened
And I Heard A Rough Voice,
“Santa Don’t Cry,
This Life Is My Choice;

I Fight For Freedom,
I Don’t Ask For More,
My Life Is My God,
My Country, My Corps.”

The Soldier Rolled Over
And Drifted To Sleep,
I Couldn’t Control It,
I Continued To Weep.

I Kept Watch For Hours,
So Silent And Still
And We Both Shivered
From The Cold Night’s Chill.

I Didn’t Want To Leave
On That Cold, Dark, Night,
This Guardian Of Honor
So Willing To Fight.

Then The Soldier Rolled Over,
With A Voice Soft And Pure,
Whispered, “Carry On Santa,
It’s Christmas Day, All Is Secure.”

One Look At My Watch,
And I Knew He Was Right.
“Merry Christmas My Friend,
And To All A Good Night.” 

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Week 4 has been rough.  First, it has been my first week back on night shift. Nights are a huge challenge in that every sense of routine gets thrown right out the window.  I really have to start balancing the pros and cons of sleeping versus staying awake to get certain workouts in.  Do I stay awake/wake up sooner to run and make it to a yoga class, or do I stay asleep to give my body the rest it needs and deserves? On top of that, I came down with a cold this week.  I was able to hold  it at bay pretty well by pounding the vitamin C, but in the end definitely chose rest over workouts.  Thank goodness because this weekend at work was the craziest I’ve seen in a very long time. Full moon + solar eclipse = packed house full of laboring women.  Let’s see what next week brings 🙂

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 60 minutes Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Thursday: 3 mile run (27:00)/60 minutes Yoga for Runners

Friday: 7.5 Mile Run (1:24 minutes — definitely feeling the yucky cold on this one)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Run: 2

Total Miles: 10.5 miles

Total Yoga:  2

Total Strength Training: 0

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