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This post is a combination of my entrance into the world of minimalist running shoes …. and my new 5K PR!

I am going to back up a couple of weeks and first talk about my transition from the comfort and safety of my stabilizer Aasic shoes and orthodics to my new New Balance minimus zero.   I recently found out the Crossfit gym I go to has a running class/clinic each week for distance runners.  How neat! It sounded like something I needed and was excited to get some real running coaching – something I had not had since my one year of cross-country in high school.  At the very first session I attended, we all got recorded running about 200 meters and then watched ourselves to talked about our running form and technique (or lack of it in my case).   After watching my tape I was told right away I needed to ditch my shoes and my orthodics as soon as yesterday.  Um, excuse me?  I’m sorry.  I have been wearing these types of running shoes and orthodics for EIGHT years, ever since my cross-country coach told me the source of the pain I had during my first few weeks of running was from flat feet.  I got professionally fitted for orthodics and had been running (mostly) pain-free since then.  So when I was told that I would NOT be running with them by someone I had been working with for oh 20 minutes, I came up with a list of excuses why I had to keep wearing them.

I was then instructed to take off my shoes and run barefoot the same way I would run with my shoes on.  Here’s how that went:

“How did that feel?”

Me: “It hurts.”

“You know why?  Because you are striking with your heel every time you put your foot down.  But you had no sensation of that for the past ten years or running because your orthodics and ridiculously supported shoes have been masking that.  And that is why you probably got injured during your half and why you aren’t running as fast as you can and that is why you will no longer be wearing them.”

Fine.  I guess I will listen to you. (The stubbornness in me was not happy about being overruled).  I dragged my feet for a couple more days before I reluctantly went out and brought my first pair of minimus running shoes.  I took them out for a ten minute trial run when I got home.  My calves and shins were screaming at me.  But my feet felt light and I could actually feel the sensation of my foot strike.  Then just for kicks I put my old shoes and orthodics on and ran the same route.  I felt like I had weights on my feet.  I decided I would keep the minimalist shoes and try to start to like them!

This past week I have slowly been breaking them in, mainly using them while walking my dog or for crossfit.  They definitely hurt way less now when I walk so I am gradually going to start building up some running time in them.  I am still skeptical whether or not they will carry me through a half marathon or not, but I guess we will see.

My big dilemma with these new shoes was what I was going to wear during my 5K this weekend.  After some thought and talking it out, it was decided I should go with the old shoes as I am still weaning my way in with the new ones.  I was supposed to 5K with my old shoes and no orthodics, but I chickened out and put them in anyways to go back to my safe place.  I am weak.

The 5K I did this weekend was the City of Encinitas 5K.  It was a weekend long event with the 5K happening on Saturday and a triathlon scheduled for Sunday.

I picked up my race packet and number the day of with no trouble.  There was a small expo set up that had a combination of running and triathlon gear.  The 5K had a decent turnout, about 1100 runners in all.  The course was around the streets of Encinitas, nothing too scenic, with a couple of rolling hills here and there.

I had this  idea that I would try to beat my 5K PR from last month of 25:40. My goal was to get somewhere in the 24:00 minute range.  I kind of thought I was crazy because last month I had an awesome support group and this race I was doing for kicks and by myself.  But whatever, I figured I would go for it anyways.

Mile 1 Pace: 8:10

I tried to start closer to the front of the group instead of in the back because I am realizing that is where I lose a bunch of time weaving in and out of people.  I think I still need to push it up a little bit because I was still getting stuck behind strollers and joggers during the first .25 miles.  At least this helps me keep my pace somewhat under control.  I have so much nervous energy at the start that I just want to take off!

Mile 2: 8:08

I tried to really focus on my running form here, especially not striking with my heel since I had my moon boots of sneakers on.  I felt myself reverting to my old habits so easily, but then again, for the past 10 years that was how my body was used to running.  Old habits die-hard.  I know I have lots to work on!

Mile 3: 8:13

The last mile is such a mental game for me!  In a half, I just take off in the last mile.  In the 5K, I feel like I want to die.  My goal was to keep it under an 8:30 pace in hopes I would make my goal.  I could feel legs want to slow down, but once my watch read 20:00 I told myself just four more minutes and I would all be done. Well it was the longest four minutes I had felt in a long time but I finished with a final time of 24:50!! (Garmin time, and chip time was 24:47).  The course was just a tad short (I think about 0.05 mile short, but I would have a PR’ed even if I had to run the extra 10 seconds!)

I was so happy I actually broke that 25:00 barrier!  I now have my goals set on getting around the 22-23:00 minute group.  With yoga teacher training coming to an end, I will be shifting my focus back to running and training properly and I can’t wait to see what happens!



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Happy Nurses’ Week!

“When I think about all the patients and their loved ones that I have worked with over the years, I know most of them don’t remember me nor I them. But I do know that I gave a little piece of myself to each of them and they to me and those threads make up the beautiful tapestry in my mind that is my passion for nursing.”


Happy Nurses’ Week to all my fellow nurses out there!  Whether we know it or not, we make a difference in peoples’ lives everyday we slip on our danskos!

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inspired. #NeverGiveUp

Love it.

“Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do it someday.”

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