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Weekly Workout Roundup

I decided to move my weekly workout recaps to Wednesdays because all the W’s involved will hopefully make me remember to post it in time!  This past week involved a lot of rest days because I think I over did it with kettle bell swings at Crossfit last week. My back was hurting for a good five days straight.  The heating pad and foam roller were my best friends.  I like to think that I had a good strength base from working with a trainer before I started Crossfit, but I feel that in reality, everyone who is new to Crossfit is starting at ground zero.  What this means is that I need to stick with the lighter weights for everything and slowly build my way to the prescribed workouts.  I’d rather do it safely than try to push myself too hard and end up with a funky injury out of no where.

My favorite workout this week was the inversion workshop I went to at my yoga studio on Sunday!  I’m only two years into my yoga practice and still have a long way to go to building up my inversion practice, but being able to see the poses broken down and really tune into what areas I need to improve strength wise to get there was awesome.  I am definitely going to be making more of an attempt to attend more workshops like this in the future!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 60 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

Saturday: 1.5 Mile Run

Sunday: 2 Hour Inversion Workshop

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Crossfit/75 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

For Time:

800 Meter Run

30 Pushups

1000 M Row

30 Pullups (assisted)

2000 M Bike

30 Pushups

Time: 18:31

Wednesday: 4 mile Run (40:57 – hello wind and sore quads from Tuesday’s Crossfit)


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February in Photos

I feel like February is the nubbin month of the year – short, sweet, and quick.  It’s here and before you know it, it’s gone.   We have had some amazing summer like days this month, and some awful wintery days as well.  And by wintery I mean rainy and 60 degrees.   I don’t enjoy it any more now than I did back on the East Coast.  Here’s a recap in pictures of how my February went!

[ February 1st:  Early Morning Run on the Beach]


[ February 12th: Coronado Valentine’s Day 10k]

 [ February 14th: Valentine’s Day Love from Friends]

[February 17th: A Belated Valentine’s Day with Hubby]

[February 24th: Book of the Month]

[February 23rd:  Finishing the Last of our Wedding Wine]

[February 25th: Kona of San Diego]

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This video of Briohny Smyth was posted about a month ago by Equinox.  I saw it countless times on my twitter and facebook feeds.  Although there has been some controversy surrounding the environment in which this video was filmed, I still love it.  I appreciate the video for the power, beauty, and strength that Briohny portrays.  The yoga flow and transitions that she demonstrates are incredible as well, but what draws me to be inspired by this video is the peace and calmness of mind that is radiating through her as she goes through the poses. Enjoy!

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Weekly Workout Recap

With no half marathons for the next month and a half or so, I am able to give my little running legs a rest.  This is my first week of attending real crossfit classes (I had to to do 3 private introductory classes to learn the basic movements) so I have been focusing on that.   What this week at crossfit has taught me is that I REALLY need to work on my strength and endurance.  You would think with all my running I would have the endurance thing down, but what crossfit is showing me is that my body has adapted to my distance running pace and is no longer being challenged.  My favorite crossfit workouts are the ones that incorporate interval repeats because those workouts really push me to run harder and faster than I would on my own.  I am excited to see how these workouts will impact my time at my 10K time next month!

Monday: Crossfit

Back Squat 3×5 (46 lbs)

Power Snatch 7×1

Dumbell press 3 x 10 (10lbs)

Tuesday: Crossfit

25 Min (As Many Rounds as Possible)

800 M Run

10 Burpees

15 Box Jumps

Total: 3 Rounds + 800 M + Burpees

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Crossfit

3 Rounds for Time:

4 Wall Walks

8 Hand Stand Pushups (modified)

16 Wall Balls ( 8lbs)

Time: 8:51

Friday: 60 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

Saturday: 75 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

Sunday: 3 mile Run/90 Minutes Vinyasa Yoga

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Finally!  After two failed half marathon attempts,  I was able to actually run a race I signed up for this year!  This was my first time doing a 10K distance.  Since I had actually been training for a half marathon, and then got sick and basically only ran 3 miles in the past two and a half weeks, I honestly had no idea how today was going to shape out.

This was the second year for the Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K.  It definitely is a smaller, hometown type race, with about 2,000 runners competing this year.  There was also a walking division.  Packet pick up was very easy, with two opportunities to pick up your race bib on both Friday and Saturday.  There was no large expo or anything, but that made the whole process quick and painless.  The swag bags included a water bottle, and techincal shirt (in both men and women’s sizes) and a variety of coupons for local restaurants and stores.

A race for lover's

I ran this 10K with my hubby and four of our friends.  Since I am a happy owner of an iphone now, I was all excited to run with it while listening to pandora and snapping some pictures along the way.  As we were biking to the start, it started to rain pretty heavily, and the hubby freaked out that the rain would ruin the phone (aka then he would have to pay for another one). He ended up taking it from me and dropping it back at home.  Of course the rain stopped as soon as we got to start, so unfortunately, that is why I have a lack of photos from this race.

There are several pros and cons with these smaller races.  I like that I don’t have to arrive two hours early to find a parking spot and get bused to the start, hurry to make it my corral, or wait for an hour to use the port-a-potty.  There are also many things I do not like. One, that there really are not any corrals.  Granted, we lagged a little bit and got stuck in the back so that messed up with my pace almost immediately.  I would have really liked the walkers and the runners to start at separate times.  This race did allow strollers, and that group DEFINIATELY needs to have their own start time.  Oh my goodness.  There were several points along the course, including right at the beginning, where the course got very narrow and crowded.  With 5 feet wide strollers in the mix, and you  basically get  gridlocked behind them during the narrow parts of the course.  The field spaced out about 1.5 miles into the race, which is a little too far in my opinion.

First bib of 2012

Originally, I was not going to run with my Garmin because I try to use it only for training, but thankfully changed my mind last minute.  I only saw one mile marker the whole race at mile 3.  I think there were more (my friend saw one at mile 5), but I don’t think they were very visable. There was also only split timer at the half way point.  During races, it drives me crazy if I have no idea how far along I am or how fast I am pacing, which would have happened today if I did not have my Garmin.   I am sure lack of mile markers and split times are   typical for smaller races, so I need to remember that and always use my garmin during them so I don’t go crazy.

The course was an out and back loop, with the start and finish at the same spot. There were two aid stations along the way at miles 2.5 and 4.5 that had water and Vitalyte.  I did look that up ahead of time and ended up bringing a small hand held water bottle with me because I knew I would need some more fuel along the way.  There were not too many spectators along the course, but since it was so narrow, I felt like I was surrounded my people all the time, which I did like.  Most of the runner’s were decked out in red or pink, or tutu’s!  Love when people get into the spirit of the race!

At the finish there was a good selection of bananas, oranges, clif bars, water, and more Vitalyte.  It was not a zoo getting out of the race area, and I could actually stop and tie my shoe laces and not get stepped on or yelled at!

Finishers' Medal

Since this was my first time ever racing a 10K, I automatically got a PR!  Don’t you love when that happens?  I felt surprisingly good the whole race, especially with my lack of running in the past few weeks.  I would have been happy with keeping a 10:00 mile pace, but I was actually able to stay under that for the majority of the race and even get faster splits at the end.  Oh, and can I tell you how much more fun I have running races with friend?  Even though we did not run together, just having people to hang out with at the start, finish, and go have brunch with afterwards is the best! According to my garmin, the distance at the finish was actually 6.25 miles, so not completely off the course itself.  The route was long the bay and a golf course.  Any time I run near water I think it’s great, so no complaints here on how it was set up.  Here were my splits:

Mile 1:  9:56  (my slowest, thanks to all of the congestion)

Mile 2: 9:12.8

Mile 3: 9:23.1

Mile 4:  9:19.9

Mile 5: 9:12.3

Mile 6: 8:52.9

0.25 Nubbin: 2:06 Avg Pace: 8:29

Total Time: 58:04 Avg Pace: 9:17

Not too bad!  I definitely was not too disappointed.

All in all, I had a good time with this race.  Minus the few problems that come with a smaller race, it was a fun local 10K with lots of fun people.  I will for sure do it again next year!

And since I have a lack of pictures, I will end one with my oh-so-cute puppy, who decided to pee all over me today as soon as I got home.  Troublemaker.

Did I do something wrong?

Race: Coronado Valentine’s Day 10K

Distance: 6.25 miles

Time: 58:04

Average pace: 9:17

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I was supposed to be doing this …

(click for source)

but instead was doing this …

(click for source)

I swear, worst luck ever right?  Especially this was supposed to be my make up race for not running this one.  I was feeling slightly better yesterday, but I knew if I pushed it and tried to run I would probably end up more sick in the long run (no pun intended).  Obviously my body needed some rest and recovery time, so I reluctantly listened to it.  I do have a 10K this Sunday that hopefully I will be able to do, and am in the process of finding some more spring races to do.  One of these days I will have a race recap to post!  Until then, time for some more Dayquil …

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