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Race Recap:  Carlsbad Half-Marathon January 2011

Distance: 13.1 Miles

Chip Time: 2:43:14

Pace: 12:28/mile

This race took place due to the influence of co-workers.  In August 2010, I had just finished my first half marathon in two years.  I was feeling all good about running but looking forward to taking some time off from training.  Then, at work, I started to overhear people talk about signing up for the Carlsbad Half Marathon.  Lots of people!  I wanted in on the fun so I decided to try this race out too.  I am glad I did because it turned out to be one my favorite races that I have done.

My training for this race was so-so.  The race was in the middle of January so I had to train through the holidays.  I am not sure about anyone else, but that is a difficult time of year for me to train.  We had trips out to Hawaii and Pennsylvania during my training time frame (a week apart) so I experienced many different running conditions.  The perfect type of running weather for me is 60-65 degrees and sunny (read: the definition of San Diego).  With these two trips thrown into the mix, the weather ranged from 85 degrees and humid in Hawaii, to 40 degrees and cold in Pennsylvania!  I found myself getting up at 5AM to run in Hawaii to beat the heat, and trying to plan my days around afternoon runs when it was the warmest while on the East Coast.  Not to mention, that time of year is filled with yummy treats and lots of family events so finding a free moment to run was not always easy.

I only completed one 10 mile run before this race and crossed my fingers it would be enough.  I’m never concerned about my times in a race, just that I finish.  This was my slowest race, but like I said, one of my favorites so that is what is important!

The race took place on a beautiful January day.

SoCal Winter

It was cold at the start of the race, but no more than a mile in it had warmed up to about 70 degrees.  I loved it, but gave me a predicament about what I should wear.  I knew I did not want to be super cold at the start, or super hot once I got running.  I opted to layer clothes and just remove them as I warmed up. Which was about 30 seconds after I started I left the starting line.

How many layers?

This course was perfect.  It was super flat and an out-and-back layout.  I normally hate out-and-back type races, but the scenery was so pretty that I never got bored like I usually do.  I also enjoyed seeing the elite runners run by me in the opposite direction.  I am always in awe that people exist that can run miles in 5 minutes.

My view for 13.1 miles

This  was the first race I did with my hubby.  He said we would stay together for most of the race, but he took off after mile 2! It was all good though.  I ran into some of my friends from work along the way so that kept me going.  I don’t have pictures of me and the hubster because it took me an hour to find him after we finished because I totally forgot where our meeting spot was.

Mile 9- almost done!

What I really loved about this course was that there were water stations EVERY mile.  I get so dehydrated on these long runs that I usually have to carry water with me which gets quite annoying after a few miles or so.  I was very happy to hear that my thirst would be quenched every mile, and it was.  I even managed to snag some orange slices which were so delicious around mile 11 and gave me some much needed energy to finish. I do not use goos or gels, but I may start to explore them in my upcoming races.

Happy to be done!

I will be a frequent Carlsbad runner if they can promise perfect conditions like this every year!

xo, Kait


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Bay Bridge

Every year in May, the Coronado bridge opens up to let thousands of crazy people run across it.

I say crazy because the whole time you are running across this bridge, hundreds of feet in the air, the ground is literally shaking the whole time.  Like I said, crazy.

After the Silver Strand half marathon, I did take awhile off from running to hopefully heal my hamstring.

I discovered spinning classes.

I fell in love with yoga.

But I still missed running.

So I decided to sign up for this 4 mile jaunt across one of the biggest bridges in San Diego.

This run sells out every year. And is so much fun.  Minus the whole earthquake like feeling during the actual race.

I honestly really wasn’t in the shape to run this race, and was still having problems with my injury. But like I said, I am stubborn and did it anyways.

The run started in downtown San Diego. We had a good group of friends running with us so it made waiting in the masses of people at the starting line way more fun. 


It was a slow race for me, but I was just happy to be running more than 10 minutes at one time.

It was a typical May gray So-Cal day, so the view wasn’t as great as I was hoping.

We still took the time to stop for the occasional photo op!

Obviously trying to win the race

The run concludes in a big park in Coronado with a band for entertainment.  I would run this race again in a heart beat, but every year since I have been working when the race is taking place! Crossing my fingers next year I will have better luck. And actually run faster.

Race Stats

Coronado Bay Bridge Run – May 2009

Distance: 4 miles

Chip Time: 45:52

Pace: 11:28/mile

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Silver Strand

Race Recap: Silver Strand Half Marathon November 2008

Lessons learned from my second half marathon:

1. Playing soccer and training for a half marathon at the same time is not a good mix

2. I am very stubborn when I get injured

So, as I have mentioned before, I grew up playing soccer through my senior year in high school.  In college I played coed intramurals and enjoyed it a lot (except when some 300 pound dude on the other team stepped on my foot with all of body weight and I couldn’t walk straight for a month.)  When I moved out to SD I found a great adult intramural league and decided it would be fun to start playing soccer again.

the good old days playing soccer

During my first game I sprinted in ways I hadn’t in well over a year and a half, and sure enough, the next time I went out for a run, my left hamstring told me how much it did not like that sprinting from soccer.

At first I thought I just had runner’s knee so I did what most stubborn runners do: I kept on training.  This injury was frustrating as it manifested itself as dull constant pain that started about a quarter mile into my runs and just never went away. It never got better or worse.  Constantly nagging.

Despite my silly knee, I was excited for this half as this time I had my friend Marisa running with me, and I thought the course would be awesome!  I had also just started dating my now hubby  and was all excited when he offered to pick us on the race morning, drop us off, and meet us at the end! What a good boy!  It was nice to have a cheering squad at the end.

excitedly waiting for me to finish

Marisa is a super speedster and I was able to keep up with her for 6 miles then I just let her take off like the wind while I prayed each step of the way that this race would be over.  My knee was killing me and during this run I realized I would be hanging my soccer cleats up forever.  I also realized I was dumb and probably shouldn’t have run the race to begin with.

The course itself was rather disappointing. The beginning at the end were the only good parts- both took place at the beach.  The majority of the race was spent on long hot roads with no scenery. And it was one of those insanely hot November days and I swear only remembering like 2 water stations the whole course (I’m sure there were more).  There was a beer garden at then which initially I was stoked on.  I got my beer, took one sip, and promptly spit it out as I was too dehydrated to want to eat or drink anything.

still all smiles at the end

After this half marathon was over, I officially stopped running for a good six months or so.  It would be another year and a half before I would run another long distance race.

I’ve had several friends at work mention this past year they were signing up for this marathon.  I beg and pleaded with them not to do it and it was the most boring and long race I had ever run.  They of course didn’t listen.  And learned the hard way 🙂

Race Stats

Silver Strand Half Marathon November 2008

Distance: 13.1 miles

Chip time: 2:23

Average Pace: 10:48

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Now on to another race recap.

My first half marathon – America’s Finest City Half Marathon.

Needless to say, after not being able to run the Philadelphia Half my senior year of college, it really didn’t bother me much in the big scheme of things.  I was in no hurry to sign up for another run.

I was in a hurry to enjoy my senior year of college though !

After I graduated and learned I would be moving to California I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was sign up for a half marathon.  I chose America’s Finest City Half Marathon to be my first.  I’m pretty sure the website advertised it as a fast and flat course, and that sounded just great to me! (Note to self: the term flat is all relative!)

I arrived in California July 11th 2008 and on August 18th 2008 ran my first half marathon!

All through the summer I followed this training plan from Runner’s World.  I followed it almost exactly, except I never did over any long runs over 10 miles.  To this day, I still don’t train more than 10 miles for any half.

What I remember most about this race is having to stand in line for the buses for the longest time to get to the start!  Literally when they dropped us off the race started 5 minutes later.  Definitely decreased the time I had to be nervous about it!

I seriously loved this race.  I was running through a new city.  It was a gorgeous sunny day (almost on the verge of HOT, I remember a few miles wishing I carried H2O with me).  I felt great the whole time (except the 1.5 mile gradual hill at the end – that sucked). Remember – I chose this race because it was supposed to be flat!  I really had no expectations for this race.  I had nothing to compare it – or myself – to.  I knew I had trained hard and well for it.  I felt nervous, but prepared.

It was definitely a race I enjoyed and knew I would run again.  Running through many different parts of the city kept me interested and gave me lots of different things to look at.

I wish I had more pictures to share of these beginning races, but words will have to do for now!

Finishing my first half marathon!

Race Stats

America’s Finest City Half Marathon – August 2008

Distance: 13.1 miles

Chip Time 2:14:19

Average Pace: 10:15/mile

xo, Kait

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I have been running since my senior year in high school when I joined the cross country team.  Well, technically longer than that as I played soccer for over ten years and you can’t play soccer without running.  I don’t really remember cross country being all that hard.  I loved the practices. I loved my team.  I loved the mini bagels we eat before races.  I loved that I could go to dairy queen after every practice and get a heath bar blizzard and then eat pizza for dinner.

The actual races terrified me.  I was one of the slower runners on the varsity team, but I would give anything to run now like I did back then!

I continued to run in college, but more as a way to stay in shape and to balance out all those rum and cokes after $1 happy hour Friday nights at Brownies (oh college, I miss you).   I was lucky in that I had a lot of friends who all were into running too so it was easy to stay motivated.  I never  ran more than 5 or 6 miles at a time, nor did I have a need or desire too.  Until the Broad Street Run.

The Broad Street Run is a 10 mile race in the beginning of May that goes through Philadelphia.  I knew nothing about distance races – how to train for them, how to eat properly for them, tapering – nope, knew nothing.  All I knew was that my friends Sam and Jackie had mentioned they were doing it during one of our runs and asked if I wanted to do it.  I said sure, why not.  Nevermind that the race was five days away and I hadn’t run more than six miles at a time in over 4 years.

At the beginning of the race I had never seen so many runners at one event at time.  There is one image in my mind of the race that I will never forget.  At one point I was at the top of the hill and below me all you could see where thousands upon thousands of runner.  It was the coolest thing – everyone out here doing the same thing on a Sunday morning.  The 10 miles flew by.  I was hooked.

The one and only picture from the Broad Street Run

After the race I promptly went home and signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon that September.

There will never be a post about that run as I got injured and could not race in it.  It would almost be two years before I tried another distance event.  But I never stopped running.

Race Stats

Broad Street Run – May  7th, 2007

Distance: 10 miles

Chip Time: 1:33:35

Average Pace: 9:48

xo, Kait

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